Dear Advertiser:

With more than 300,000 readers in Houston and Dallas, La Subasta puts advertisers in contact with Latino buyers more quickly than any other publication.

After twenty-nine years and fourteen editions later, La Subasta is a testament to what a classified weekly can do for the growing communities in two major Hispanic markets in Texas. La Subasta’s innate ability to connect readers with businesses, products, and services is the secret to its success.

La Subasta is the “Paper of Opportunities” specifically for Hispanic buyers. Because this publication caters to the Latino consumer, local, regional and national advertisers reap the benefits publishing their message to a young and vibrant demographic looking to fulfill their shopping needs. With such a significant purchasing power, Hispanics in these markets give advertisers actual results.

La Subasta assures advertisers more territory, more circulation, and by far, more readership than any other Spanish weekly in these markets; there is no other medium more cost effective anywhere else.

In conclusion I am grateful for your attention and hope that you will consider the many opportunities that La Subasta has to offer your business.


Sales Manager
La Subasta Inc.

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